SunReady Power has 6 standard packages ranging from 10 watts to 135 watts as shown below.

SunCase product line SR10 SR20 SR30SunTrunk product line SR60 SR90 SR135 Portable Solar Power Generator Systems
                 SR10            SR20                SR30                                 SR60                    SR90               SR135

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         Current Prices w/o Shipping

SR10 DC Mini Charger     $795
SR20 Personal Power     $1395
SR30 Sport Pack     $1695
SR60 Team Power Station                         $2595
SR90 Base Station $3695
SR135 Power Center $4695
New SR30 Booster $395


  • Each unit that provides AC power includes a free plug-in AC “Kill a Watt” meter.  This simple meter will help you determine the wattage of your AC loads  so that you can match the loads to the Suntrunks output.
  • The SR30, SR60, SR90 and SR135 have built in wheels and a retractable handle for easier movement.
  • These products may qualify for a federal tax credit of 30% and/or other state tax incentives.  Consult with your tax accountant to see if you qualify.     

SunReady provides custom products that are made to order and therefore all sales are final.
Assembly time is 3 to 6 weeks after an order is received.

To Order please go to the Contact Us page and send us an E-Mail detailing the product(s) you want,
or call 208.323.7800 to talk with a representative – or leave a message.

When we receive your request, SunReady Power will determine the shipping cost.  An order price quote detailing the products chosen and all shipping costs will be sent to you by Mail or E-Mail when a system is ordered. 
    You may then mail personal checks, cashier's checks, or certified checks made out to SunReady Power. 
                                 Mail the check to : SunReady Power
                                                                 517 S. 14th Street
                                                                 Boise, Idaho  83702

All checks must clear before merchandise is shipped.  You may cancel your order if your item has not been shipped. However, you will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.  You may not cancel an order after it has been shipped.  Sunready Power will notify you by phone, mail, or E-mail when we ship your package – and a tracking number will be given to you.  You can track your shipment at the shipping company's website.

SunReady Power Systems contain Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFP) Batteries.  As a result there are special shipping requirements and costs associated with our products. Please note that due to these regulations we are unable to ship products via the US Postal Service and as a result we are unable to ship products to PO Boxes. SunReady Power uses United Parcel Service (UPS) ground for shipping products to locations in the lower 48 states of the US.  For shipping outside of the continental US please call to make special arrangements for your specific needs.

For SunReady products SR60, SR90 and SR135, the battery pack will be shipped separately.  Battery placement and connection is a simple procedure and takes about 15 minutes.  Our technicians can assist you over the phone in battery placement and connection.      

The warranty covers SunReady Power products which fail due to defects in materials or workmanship. Warranty only applies to original purchaser. Warranty period is one year, and it starts from the date of delivery.  During the one-year warranty period, Sunready Power will repair or replace any defective product or part free of charge.

If you believe your system is not functioning please contact us to discuss the problem.  Some problems can be resolved easily like a blown fuse or by resetting a breaker.  We can probably help you restore your system or trouble shoot the nature of the problem.  If we identify that the system must be returned for repair, the battery must be removed before you can ship the unit to us.  (Only approved hazardous materials shippers can ship Lithium Ion batteries)  If the battery is defective we will ship you a new replacement battery.  Our technicians can assist you over the phone in battery removal and replacement.

To ship a product or part to us please contact us for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. Once the authorization number is created, ship the defective product to Sunready Power.  Include a note stating the problem experienced and include your name, address and your RMA number. Cost of shipping defective products back is to be paid by customer. Cost of shipping replacement products to customers is covered by Sunready Power.  SunReady Power can provide replacement parts and service for all products even after the warranty period.  Call us for assistance with any problems you may have.

This warranty does not cover product failure resulting from improper use, from abuse, misapplication, improper maintenance, neglect, alteration, accidents, casualties, fire, flood, collision, freezing or theft.

The warranty will be void under the following conditions:

  1. Application of loads to SunReady Power products beyond specified ranges.
  2. For obvious physical abuse or breakage of the product.
  3. Interconnection with any other electrical systems.
  4. Any alteration of the systems components including wiring or charging systems.
  5. Charging or discharging batteries beyond the specified voltage range during usage or storage.
  6. Operating or storing systems in the temperature or humidity ranges outside of specified ranges.
  7. Immersion or exposure systems to water or heavy rain.  Systems are not waterproof. Systems are not designed for permanent outdoor installation or exposure.

Limitations and Exclusions
SunReady Power’s liability is limited to repair of systems or replacement of defective parts according to the terms stated above. SunReady Power will not be responsible for any expenses should the product not fit an owners particular purpose.  SunReady Power will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, including travel expense, telephone charges, loss of revenue, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the product, and damage caused by the product and its failure to function properly. This warranty sets forth all of the SunReady Powers responsibility regarding these products.







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