SunReady Power BannerSunReady Power
517 S. 14th Street
Boise, ID 83702
John Wennstrom P.E. — Owner
Jim Teraberry — Technician





John Wennstrom P.E. Jim Teraberry

John Wennstrom P.E.                                     Jim Teraberry

SunReady Power Picture Gallery

Shop bay door Suncases SunTrunk portable solar power generator line up

Jim Teraaberry with SunReady Power at the Denver, CO Self Reliance Expo

Technician Jim Teraberry at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver Colorado October 2013

Solar Computer use while campingCleaning up the tent with a 12 volt vacuum and a SunCase prototype

Because some times work is                                     Vacuum your tent at the campsite,

too important to leave at home.                                   so when you are home you are done.

portable game system charging via a SunCase prototype

Because some things are just too important to let the batteries die…..

Charge your gaming devices and cell phones at the camp site.

"Don't waste expensive fuel or batteries when the sun is shining!!!"

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