SunReady Power manufactures self-contained portable solar power systems that have all components built in to a rugged transportable trunk, which can be set up and operating in 5 minutes. They provide 5Vdc-USB ports & 12 Vdc power for small loads, and 120Vac power for larger loads. The solar panels will recharge the internal batteries each day, or a 120Vac source can be used.

Sun Ready Power lineup Prototypes SR20 SR60 SR90 SR135


SunTrunk portable solar power system applications include remote recreational, construction power, recharging of portable communications batteries, night time lighting, laptop computers, small refrigerators, water pumping, and water purification. The systems can be stored, and then set up quickly for emergency power in disaster situations. Multiple portable solar power systems can be used to meet larger load requirements.
SR135 Prototype Electric ChainsawSR20 prototype with laptop and phoneSR90 Prototype with power tools jigsaw drill
SR10 with radio and cell phoneSR20 first generation with a computer and cell phone


All SunTrunk units use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They are much lighter than lead-acid batteries, and safer than standard lithium ion batteries. Solar charging is done with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) electronics to transfer the maximum available solar energy into the battery bank. The 120 Volt AC Inverters produce a pure sine wave output that can reliably power devices that may not work well with modified sine wave inverters. The systems are packaged in very rugged cases for protection, and ease of transport. The cases have wheels for easy site movement and set up. All equipment is in one package – no parts to lose or be shipped separately. All systems can be pre-charged from any 120 Volt AC source.

A useful solar system has three basic parts working together to supply a load.

              Solar Cells                            Battery                             Inverter                                              Load               






SunReady Power puts everything in one tough package

The SunTrunk Portable Solar Power System

SR90 prototype SunTrunk being transportedSR90 prototype SunTrunk portable solar power generatorSR135 prototype controol panel and extension cord





first generation SR10 SR20 and SR30  with small appliances small protable solar power generators


The SunTrunk portable solar power systems are simple, rugged, transportable, expandable, and economical when compared to gas or diesel electric generators. The SunTrunk 90 weights about the same as 12 gallons of gas, yet it can provide energy for many years. They can reduce fuel costs, generator wear, and fuel transport worries. They are also quiet, clean and non-polluting. This is not a kit of parts. Just open it up, lock the panels in place & plug in.

Small Solar Power Generator lineup SR10 SR20 SR30SR60 SR90 SR135 prototype Portable Solar Power GeneratorsLarge portable solar power generator line up SR60 SR90 SR135 prototypes


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